Australian politicians on twitter #facepalmingfortheelectorate

Examples of prominent figures embarrassing themselves on social media are everywhere.  So much so that some astute observer could compile a multi-volume text book on exactly what not to say on social media using thousands of examples from the past 5 years.

Particularly prone to embarrassing gaffes are Australian politicians.  So much so that their media advisers and public relations staff probably live in a constant state of anxiety, as it would seem that in spite of their best intentions, a foolish tweet by their minister is only ever moments away.

Twitter gaffes were back in the media following another gem from enthusiastic tweeter, Federal MP Steve Gibbons.  Earlier this week he tweeted: “Libs are led by a gutless douchebag and a narcissistic bimbo who aren’t fit to be MPs let alone PM and Deputy. Both should be sacked.”

Obviously this zinger sounded hilariously incisive in his mind, but in his haste to share his witty condemnation of his political opponents, he failed to consider the fact that his party had recently bombarded the opposition leader with claims of misogyny and sexism.   He promptly apologised and wiped the egg off his face.

What’s more, some politicians don’t even understand common terminology.  For example, ACT’s long suffering opposition leader Zed Seselja furiously reacted when an ACT Labor MP called one of his staffers a twitter “troll”.  Believing that his staffer had been referred to a mythical, cave-dwelling giant or dwarf, Zed labelled this claim as “gutter politics of the very worst kind” and “cowardly personal attack”.  #Oops.

So long as Australian politicians tweet, rest assured there will be bad jokes, strong opinion, and maybe even the occasional coherent policy update.

In the meantime, keep up to date with Australia’s own “politwoops”, a website which records the deleted tweets of politicians.  Examples range from poor taste to incomprehensible gibberish.

What’s your favourite?

// Alec Schumann

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