How Self Imposed Limitations Spark Creativity

I’ve always been a big believer in new technology, particularly when it comes to making life easier and more efficient.  The pervasive nature of many technologies has made solving once complex everyday problems amazingly mundane.

If you need food – you go to the supermarket, if you need to get somewhere far away – you jump in a car or a plane and if you need to know the answer to something – you ask Google.

This isn’t a bad thing; however relying on too much technology for everything reduces our need to think creatively.  It becomes easy to fall into a routine of robotically employing a pre-packaged solution to everyday problems.   And a constant reliance on this type of thinking can be harmful to innovation, creativity and original thought.

Some of the most prodigious creators have been those who impose limits on themselves, forcing themselves to create in narrowly defined parameters.

Take the White Stripes for example.  They released 6 critically and popularly acclaimed studio albums which were recorded on vintage equipment with three instruments: a guitar or piano, a drum kit and a singer.  They could have used state of the art technology to ‘perfect’ their songs –  but they didn’t – and in many ways their self imposed limitations sparked their creativity.  And their electric live shows, which stuck to this strict formula of two performers, will go down in the annals of rock history.

Clearly is possible to create original and profitable work within limitations and without an excessive reliance on technology.  So when it comes to your next venture – why not define yourself some strict limits and work within them?

// Alec Schumann

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