Vevo: a profitable venture but ineffective marketing

So Vevo, the omnipresent advertising platform on Youtube, made over $150 million in 2011.  Vevo is essentially an advertising platform and is owned by Sony and Universal Music Group and Universal, among others.  And it has recently launched an Australian specific platform, signing up a number of big names (Mentos, Sony Music, Paramount Pictures and Vodafone).

In an era of more slightly ‘progressive’ marketing strategies, whether it is content marketing, opt in branded communities and collaboration with consumers – Vevo is very much based on a traditional model of advertising as an unwelcome interruption.

Unsurprisingly, Vevo  is despised by a large proportion of the very vocal online community.  Humorous anti-Vevo sentiments are often the highest rated comments on Youtube and on amplicate, Vevo has attracted an impressive 22,483 negative opinions from 24,694 posts.

According to the internet Vevo sucks

This would suggest that Vevo is a largely ineffective marketing platform.  The aim of marketing should never to annoy people by disrupting them with irrelevant promotions.  People don’t want to see a Justin Beiber advert before a White Stripes song and they don’t want to see a promo for Jack Daniels before checking out the new Shins tune.

Although the Vevo is generating millions in advertising revenue, is it effective marketing?  Are its advertisers seeing any return on their investment? And more importantly, why are advertisers partnering with a service which is so maligned by many of the target markets that they are trying to reach?

Is Vevo a necessary evil to keep the music  industry ticking or an unnecessary intrusion in which a select few profit from annoying us?

// Alec Schumann

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