Marketing for free: creative approaches and infinite ROI

Necessity and a lack of resources generate creative approaches to common problems.  Prehistoric people got cold so they figured out how to make fire by rubbing sticks and stones together and  people needed to traverse large bodies of water so they cut down trees and stuck pieces of wood together.

This combination of necessity and a lack of resources is a valuable situation to consider – how would you market your business if you were given no money?

Marketing: Oh Yes It's Free

A lack of resources forces you to discard common approaches such as buying a television or print ad.   It forces you to invest thought, time and creativity into achieving your goal, rather than simply spending money.  It forces you to be creative and achieve more with less.

If you need somewhere to get started, consider the following basic ideas – all of which can be considered as marketing for free:

  • Engaging with your customers in a novel way on Twitter, Facebook or Google +.   Ask them what they want and invite them to join the creative process;
  • Cultivate and expand your professional network on LinkedIn;
  • Start writing a company blog or articles for industry publications;
  • Support a cause, charity or community group

Discounting the cost of your time, the rewards can be infinite.  All the business you bring in or exposure you gain from not ‘spending’ a cent on traditional marketing, is essentially marketing for free.

//Alec Schumann

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