Tom Waterhouse: gambling on online gambling

The Waterhouse family is synonymous with Australian horse racing and is one of Australia’s most iconic sporting brands with an impressive stable of personalities.

Enter son Tom, self proclaimed as Australia’s leading on-course bookmaker, and who has been eagerly waiting his turn in the spotlight.

In an attempt to leverage of the power of the brand his mother Gai has predominately established, Tom has recently launched a foray into an online betting company, supplemented by his own advice which draws from his family’s racing pedigree.  Check it out at

Tom Waterhouse: gambling on gambling

Tom’s online presence is sleek and accessible (albeit somewhat pretentious depending on your perspective), and makes many other betting websites looked cluttered and less user-friendly by comparison.  There is a great deal of betting related content in the form of betting insight, tips and even live chat, but what is Tom actually trying to achieve and what is he trying to add to an already saturated betting market?

Although there a number of sports betting agencies in Australia, they are very hard to differentiate between as a layman.  They often don’t have a readily unique value proposition beyond providing the best odds on as many sports as possible.  Essentially, they are all competing in the same market and on the same key points: the most competitive odds, biggest range of bets and most convenient ways to bet.

Most betting agencies provide their customers with no advice or betting insight.  They are geared towards knowing more than customer in order to dupe them out of their money.  In essence, it is constructed as a combative relationship where you go head to head with the agency, in the hope that you know more than they do.  Although people may use one betting agency regularly, few people actually like the agency they use due to their inherently combative relationship with it.

Through his advice, insight and content, Tom is attempting to foster a more cooperative relationship with his customers as he guides you through the betting process.  In theory, Tom can create a unique point of differentiation in providing expertise and relevant content, which will facilitate a relationship with punters beyond the three key points which other betting agencies compete on.

Although his venture is relatively new, I’m hypothesising that his positioning in the marketplace is geared towards the development of a brand that people will perceive as unique with a novel value proposition.  What’s more, customers might even begin to actually like it if the content facilitates the construction and perception of a cooperative betting relationship.  (Although, he still is conventional bookmaker who will happily take your money when you lose).

Time will tell whether his venture will be successful in the saturated betting market, but at least Tom is trying something new – just don’t be put off by the fact he’s a fortunate son.

// Alec Schumann

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  1. Max cook says:

    I can’t access your online betting is it down

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