Why bother outsourcing when you can “insource”

Recently I was speaking to a receptionist at a small sized professional services firm.  The firm had just launched a social media marketing campaign through Facebook, which had been designed by an external consultancy, and she was explaining to me how the campaign worked.

After a short conversation, it was clear to me that the receptionist had a much better idea of how the company should have designed and implemented their Facebook campaign.  She was an avid user of Facebook and regularly used it to engage in brand centric behaviours on the website.  In conjunction with her knowledge of the organisation, this reception had a unique combination of skills and the firm had lost a big opportunity.

Great ideas circulate inside

By outsourcing the design, development and implementation of the campaign to an external consultancy, the firm neglected the opportunity to harness the existing knowledge within the firm, something I like to describe as “insourcing”.  In this case, the receptionist, who had a sound knowledge of both the firm and Facebook, could have provided valuable input into the design of this initiative – even if she wasn’t responsible for the final decisions or its implementation.

Not only can “insourcing” help firms source ideas in a more cost efficient manner, they also empower employers, give them a greater sense of accomplishment and feeling of engagement with the organisation.  To return to my example, the receptionist did feel slightly annoyed that her input wasn’t asked on the initiative, as she was the one with the greatest deal of responsibility to explain to clients how to participate in the campaign.  Conversely, if she was given the opportunity to contribute in some way, she would have had a greater sense of pride in the campaign,

This phenomenon isn’t confined to this example either.  It can be applied to almost any scenario in any industry.  People within the organisation often have valuable insight which is neglected, overlooked or simply ignored when firms rush into outsourcing arrangements.  There are many examples of how people within organisations can come up with some of the most exciting and profitable ideas.

What have you got to lose by “insourcing” before you rush to outsource?

//Alec Schumann

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