Designing Tomorrow: the first post in 2012

Regular and casual readers of Designing Tomorrow may have noted that the last couple of months have been quiet.  Well Alec has returned from his sabbatical and is whipping the team back into shape.

In addition to working with our favourite clients, a number of though provoking articles will be posted within the next few weeks:

  • Case studies in social media.  In a new weekly feature, Alec will be blogging about some of his favourite social media cases and what they mean for your business.
  • Falls Festival 2011/12, a review.  We sent Levi into the Lorne wilderness to experience and document one of Australia’s great music festivals.  He has returned a changed man.
  • A Marketer’s XI, the 11 most marketable cricketers. Inspired by the current summer of cricket, Alec and the team pick their 11 most marketable cricketers.
  • And yes, the AnthonySchumann5 will return.  Bigger, better and bolder.

Until shortly.

//Alec Schumann

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