Spraying your customers: Event based perfume promotion

Perfume: it can also come from a hose.

Perfume is not just about smelling good, it is an experience.  Over the course of a day, customers will, perhaps unconsciously, smell it, associating the perfume with that which it represents, or the moment which they are in.

An interesting, and relatively unexplored, way to promote it would therefore be to create an experience – an event – for the customer to associate that perfume with, which will encourage the customer to purchase the perfume at a later stage.

There is a role for perfume companies to create an experience.  Upon entering an event the target customers are sprayed with a sample of the particular perfume.  Over the course of the event, the customer will likely smell the perfume and later down the track they will associate this with the event and the experience – and as their desire to re-live this prevails – they are driven to purchase it.

This experience can be extended through PR and the use of social media both before (to create hype) and after to reinforce memories created at the event. Given the nature of the product, retail strategies would also be necessary to extend this experience into the retail environment.

— Eliza Carmen

Eliza is a freelance creative who among her many talents, contributes to the team at AnthonySchumann.  She is self described as confident, serious and a little bit crazy.  Keep an eye out for more contributions from Eliza in the coming weeks.

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