Employee of the Month: Levi Weissman

Levi: meet the man behind the beard












Levi, first of all congratulations on your recognition as employee of the month!

Thank you, it is a great honour. To be singled out amongst such a talented group of marketers is truly something.

You head up the Environmental Sustainability and Creativity department. Can you explain what pertains to that position?

Basically I oversee the ESC team. We oversee the implementation of a sustainable future through our marketing campaigns, whether it be for an environmentally friendly client, or a steel company. We try and imprint a “green” mark in all Anthony Schumann’s promotional efforts, because the environment is just too important to ignore. I mean, where will our kids be in 20 years, playing water polo on the local tennis court? Ted and Alec have realised this, and their dedication to the cause is truly inspirational, and why I’ve stayed loyal to the firm.

Can you explain the circumstances of you joining the firm?

Well I joined in the Spring of 2009. My good friend Alec Schumann had set up the firm with the like minded and equally visionary Ted Anthony early in 2006. Alec had tried to coax me from Leo Burnett at the time, where I co created “Earth Hour” with Todd Sampson (though he has gone on to take most of the publicity for it, on ABC’s hit show “The Gruen Transfer,”.  Ironically, a show Antony Schumann refuses to participate in because of it anti-progressive stance towards climate change). I enjoyed it there, but I grew disillusioned with the firm. I mean we were working on an advert for a mining company during the night of earth hour, for god’s sake! Then Alec Schumann gave me a call, asking if I wanted to front the new ESC department, an opportunity I jumped at. Plus, there was the chance to work with the man they call “Maestro” in the Australian marketing industry, Ted Anthony.

How would you describe your two bosses, Ted and Alec?

Have you seen that film Horrible Bosses? (laughs) No, no. Quite simply two of the greatest marketing minds in Australia today. Alec has been THE creative force behind some of the world’s most ecologically friendly marketing efforts, and his ideas are in use across the industry. I remember when I was at Leo Burnett, the senior management team were always looking at ways to bring him across. After they failed to shake his loyalty to Ted, I had enough and decided I would join Alec at Anthony Schumann. As for Ted, where do I start? His vision has made Anthony Schumann what it is today. Without Ted Antony the term green marketing would not exist. He has such a can do attitude. The only thing you will hear him saying “no” to are those marketing efforts that do not, in some way, promote sustainable living.

Could you sum them up in two words?

Subtle Bravado! The firm’s maxim!

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