Social Media for the Homeless (SM4H)


But where was social media?

I have received a lot of feedback concerning social media for the homeless, a topic I touched on briefly in my last post. SM4H, as it is abbreviated, is a booming market that has yet to be fully exploited. We at Anthony Schumann have identified it in our top five hot emerging niche markets, and is more than just on the peripheral. Twitter, facebook, MySpace- vital social media that we reading this all use. But what about those on the streets? Our research has shown that a massive 72% of all homeless people have yet to open a facebook account. This represents the largest majority of non-users in any part of our society. As of today, promotion for soup kitchen and other homeless gatherings have consisted of posters and leaflets, handed out by a considerable volunteer workforce. INEFFICIENCY! How much more efficient would it be if the homeless person could just check “events” in facebook, or subscribe to his/her favourite charitable organisation on his/her iPhone. It only takes one look at how effective the London rioters were to see the power of social media. If we could harness this power, we would save greatly on paper and unnecessary volunteer workforce. Exact figures haven’t been calculated, but one of our employee’s informed estimation was in the hundred of millions.

Our statistics show 72% of homeless people are not using social media

Okay, so I hear you asking “Ted, that’s all good and dandy, but how on earth are we going to promote social media to the homeless if they don’t have social media?”. The answer is an integrated and concentrated attack on the senses. Electronic billboards, artistic televised and streamed advertising, on-street direct selling. This is the ONLY way to sell to the homeless. It is no good getting a full page advertisement in the Sydney Morning Herald because homeless people can’t read! It is simple logic, but most marketers in Australia are just not getting it. That is why we here at Anthony Schumann are in a prime position to capitalise on SM4H’s multi million dollar industry- simply because we are giving it the respect it deserves.

– Ted Anthony

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3 Responses to Social Media for the Homeless (SM4H)

  1. Kevin says:

    You are an elitist pig. What you are promoting is the opposite of “#compassion” and reeks of colonialism. You are selling the homeless a dream of sorts instead of providing them with a tangible means of survival. You are more interested in a multi-million dollar opportunity than you are with those people who are legitimately struggling. What people need is real people there to help them. Not social media. If you care about environmental waste, drive a hybrid and recycle your paper.If you want to genuinely help the cause, you must do something for THEM, not for yourself. &Who are you to say that they are illiterate? You are nastily discriminating and I hope that you are treated in the same manner when you can no longer provide for yourself.

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