Excessive Minimalism

A lightbulb? Or Excessive Minimalism gone rampant?

What is Excessive Minimalism?

Excessive: Mayonnaise on a Porterhouse steak.

Minimalism: A black table in a white room.

Can the two co-exist? In reality: No. In our minds: Yes.

Are our thoughts a reality? Yes. Yes they are. Don’t believe me? Imagine in the middle of a white room a black table. And on that table is no other than a white plate of Porterhouse steak cooked medium rare, covered completely in mayonnaise. Excessive Minimalism.

It happened and you weren’t even aware. And there you have it, the definition of Excessive Minimalism. It is not so much a phrase, but an essence, a way of life.

How can we harness Excessive Minimalism for creative dialogue?

In short, we can’t. It harnesses us. Excessive Minimalism is all around us. It’s in your Prada suit, your green tea, your sandwich from Food with Flair. It is everywhere, but nowhere. The trick is to let it take you where it wants to go. Say, for example, you’ve been given a brief to market social networking to the homeless. Do you go out and collect data to assess the appropriateness of social media for this community? The answer is no. It is Excessive Minimalism. And there’s your starting point.

Excessive Minimalism in the Creative Boutique

Here at Anthony Schumann we believe in subtle bravado. Does that mean we give no heed to Excessive Minimalism? Of course not. On the Beatles’ seminal White Album, the late John Lennon sang, “Happiness is a Warm Gun”. Ignoring some of the obvious references to sixty’s popular culture, his sentiments remain unchanged. Happiness is Excessive Minimalism. But it is also so much more. It is passion, virtue, integrity, danger. It is everything we at Anthony Schumann believe in, but it’s also the opposite. So we must be wary of EM’s capabilities, yet we must also embrace it. It is too important not to.

In Summary

If you think Excessive Minimalism is just another marketing buzzword, you’ve missed the point. It is THE marketing buzzword of the moment, and it’s here to stay. Deal with it.

-Ted Anthony

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3 Responses to Excessive Minimalism

  1. LOL, Are you serious?

  2. Now that is some groovy journalism.

  3. Thank you to sharing helpful information

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